New DVD Wrap for Poker Test 2.0

I can seem to be consistent with any of my artwork. This happened with the first effect as well. Well, here is the new DVD cover going into print tomorrow.

Dont you love it?
New DVD wrap for Poker Test 2.0

2 thoughts on “New DVD Wrap for Poker Test 2.0

  1. I have to admit that you have a lot of balls. For what you charge for your poker test you can’t provide all of the cards needed. That is really cheap. Be sure I will never purchase any item of yours again.

    1. Hey man, I would love to send you the proper card necessary to be able to finish the effect. The reason behind not adding in the extra cards was to encourage people to add in cards with a back design of their choosing. Clearly you are upset by this decision, so I can send you a royal flush, if that will help make matters better. Also, I get way less than what I charge, the middle man sets the price.

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