“I can’t believe this wasn’t created 50 years ago.” -Gregory Wilson

“Superb” -Paul Cummins

“When I do non-card magic I am incredibly picky and The Bill Test has gone into my repertoire and wallet.” -Ryan Schlutz

“Hot on the heels of the ever popular Poker Test 2.0, Erik nails it again with The Bill Test. It’s the perfect anytime, anywhere piece of magic that you can always carry with you. It’s visual, powerful, and it happens in the spectator’s hands. This is something I’ll use.” -Tim Trono

The most versatile transposition in money magic.


The Bill Test teaches you how to execute a perfect bill transposition with any borrowed bills. This brand new utility device allows you to start and end totally clean, and still perform an incredibly visual bill transposition. The nature of the routine cancels out any doubt of funny business, as everything is examinable from start to finish, because the borrowed bills never leave the sight and/or hands of the spectator. This is a very hands on approach to a classic routine, that will leave your audience in disbelief. Featuring performances and routine ideas from Gregory Wilson, Ryan Schlutz, and Meraux Dantes.

Learn 7 different routines and 4 different changes in this DVD.


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