I can’t believe this wasn’t created 50 years ago.

Gregory Wilson – The Bill Test

When I do non­card magic I am incredibly picky and The Bill Test has gone into my repertoire and wallet.

Ryan Schlutz – The Bill Test

Erik Casey’s take on U.F. Grant’s bill transposition aces the test. This gimmick manages to allow for a variety of visual and subtle changes that should fit any close-up performer’s style.

Jared Kopf – The Bill Test

Straight into my Pro Sets. The Poker test is THE best magic purchase I have made in a very long time and it helps me get paid.

Tony Chapparo – The Poker Test 2.0

The Poker Test is outstanding. I’ve enjoyed showing it to my wife and my daughters and look forward to showing it to many others. It just looks impossible. I love all the surprises.

Johnny Ace Palmer – The Poker Test 2.0

I think this is the sort of thing that if people buy it, and lose it, they are going to want to buy another one. [The Poker Test] is going to go into people’s acts, and it is going to stick in there. It is the best opener.

David Penn – The Poker Test 2.0

I laughed, I cried, I lost ten pound. The Poker Test changed my life.

Chris Smith – The Poker Test 2.0

This is going to be a classic in magic. It is the new svengali deck.

Shin Lim – The Poker Test 2.0

Hot on the heels of the ever popular Poker Test 2.0, Erik nails it again with The Bill Test. It’s the perfect anytime, anywhere piece of magic that you can always carry with you. It’s visual, powerful, and it happens in the spectator’s hands. This is something I’ll use.

Tim Trono – The Bill Test